Thursday, December 18, 2008

Joe Benitez Soulfire

Ello, ello!
Hope everyone isn't as stressed as we are around the holidays. Things have been very busy lately. Alé has been putting some love into his Fathom pages and Sana Takeda is making Soulfire: Shadow Magic (issue one just came out yesterday!) shine. Marcus is still cranking away and can't wait to show off his pencils. Francisco Herrera has taken his art to a new level and Micah has been working on something new and different. Also look forward to Eduardo Francisco's pages in Executive Assistant: Iris #0 out in March - they will make your eyes explode.

I really wish I could show you guys what all these talented artists have been turning in but.. I only got the "go ahead" to show you what Joe Benitez has been slaving on. Check out this killer dragon in an upcoming Soulfire issue!

I wanted to give a gift to those that check out the blog.
Soulfire RETURNS March 18th.
Write it down, postit note it, ical it, entourage reminder it, oven timer it, or just repeat it every morning when you wake up.

Happy Holidays!