Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Here is a Studio Tour of Iron and the Maiden penciller FRANCIS MANAPUL'S STUDIO by the good people over at CBR

Friday, January 25, 2008

Iron and the Maiden: Brutes Bims and the City 1

Iron and the Maiden: Brutes, Bims and the City #1 came out in stores this past Wednesday - did you pick it up?

It was a challenge to organize the book, but I think it came out nicely. There's still some images I wanted to fit in but not everything had a place. Here is an example of some cool detail that went into making the mini-series.

Be sure to check out IRONandtheMaiden.Com often because there are still some things to show you!

wondercon 2008

with wondercon just around the corner i thought i'd mention i have a new sketchbook being made available. i'll be splitting time between the aspen booth and my table in artist alley. limited amount so get em while theyre hot!;)


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The internet makes me laugh

This kills me...

Heroes in a half shell

I was halucinating at 4am and i felt the need to draw a turtle. Hope you enjoy it, just got myself a set of copic markers and have been testing them out. Time to sleep and draw comics in the afternoon...ZZzzzzZZZZZzzzzzZZZzzzz...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

kickin it old school

i remember gettin really lucky back in the day... my first big gig came at the hands of my great long time friend jj kirby giving me word of a little series these little guys liquid were trying to do... eve protomecha... needless to say the opportunity was a huge blessing! liquid at the time was the biggest kid on the block, coloring all the coolest books at the time, aka x-men, battlechasers, etc, etc... eve along with soul saga both turned out quite great thaks to ol aron and christian... one of the great things aside from that was just gettin a bit of christians knowledge on how to make things look dynamic... great creative mind... so just thought i'd ramble... gotta get back to work now... you all behave...


March of the Garzas

You ask, I deliver. Lemme introduce you to the latest hero in Fathom universe: He's more swoll than Cannon Hawke, has a bigger beak than Kiani, and a better tushy than Aspen.

Monday, January 21, 2008

gettin close

excited to see this really cool art being posted... ARTSENAL is shaping up to be quite fun... got some great talent involved... pic above is a commision i did a minute back... figured i'd show dc some love... drawing penguins now... ask vince why... smooch

"i thought the hangover black worked well"

Blood and Snow

Hey kiddies, just did this new Wolverine pin-up as an example of the more serious side to my art to show the good folks at Marvel. I had a lot of fun with the blacks on this one...and using the blood and snow as design elements. Happy MLK day!

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

I haven't posted for a while, Happy New Year! I've been locked away in my cave training for my first battle with a faceless opponent. Soon will the curtain drop and reveal 2 warriors ready for ARTSENAL! One will stand victorious as he embraces the lamentation of the women, and the other will be shunned and ridiculed by his peers. Who will be next? Only Stargirl knows for sure...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

i dare ya...

figured i never had actually drawn daredevil before, thought id give it a shot... threw in spidey for good measure... tried to do it in under an hour... good practice for artsenal, heh... threw in spidey for good measure... made bacon and cheese stuffed burgers for dinner... a hobo flashed me and my gf today... in the famous words of ice cube... today was a good day... ooo ahhh

"hey i know you"

Saturday, January 19, 2008

friday night lites

wonder con coming up...working on gettin a new sketchbook for this years con circuit... little doodle thatll be in it... so how was your friday night? mine was fantastic! got some good ol fashioned drawing done! this is actually a commission i had to get finished up... taking a new list for anyone interested... same ol same ol... bring on the weekend!!!


Friday, January 18, 2008


Monday, January 14, 2008

sketchbook doodles...

a little sketch from the ol doodle book... just love drawing girls... honestly in all varieties... this one i threw in photoshop, threw some quick colors over it... a rough most likely for a larger piece down the road... getting ready for wonder con hope all you are as well!

"well kiss my grits!"

Sunday, January 13, 2008

just cause...

cant all be about art can it? figured i'd share a little caesar recipe for you all! i love to cook, so who knows, maybe this will become a regular feature ;)

"the san francisco treat"

and now.. fathom

thinking back i've been quite lucky to have had the chance to get my own stories out there for you fans to enjoy... first, ninja boy, which to me is still the one series i hold nearest and dearest to my heart. it was a chance to work with a life long friend, on a project i had dreamt of doing for many years. i grew up loving ninjas and all the mythology that came along with them. next up i would get the chance yet again to work on a series of my own, in the form of skye runner. fantasy at its finest, granted i had some serious life changes mid way through the series that affected its final outcome, i still am quite proud of that outing as well. so... now i'm onto another creation... this one however is a creation of one of comic doms legendary talents... michael turners, fathom! for what its worth, i'm hoping to take what i put into my own series, and channel it onto this exciting, lush, and dramatic world! i sit here tonight designing hopefully what will become some memorable and imposing, bad ass villians! it's a new challenge... one i am taking very seriously... ale garza has maybe fallen off the map as of late... maybe... with this series i hope to re establish myself as a comic artist force! i've been quiet for a minute, but its time now to draw this little narrow ass off! we got some great stuff planned for this blog... expect some cool stuff very soon, and hopefully vince will let me keep you guys excited about the process of putting together one of the most exciting series of 2008, fathom volume 3!!!

"get sum!"

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Process.

Thought I'd post this up here. I put this together to show the process that was gone through to create the Christmas cover to Shrugged #7...Hope you enjoy! Pencils by me, Inks by Jason Gorder, and Colors by Beth Sotelo.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Comics and Rock and Roll!

hey guys just wanted to post and comment on how much i loves me some music. so much in fact i am now a part of a straight up rockin and or rollin band!!! gotta say its been a lifelong ambition to get involved with something like this as music has always inspired me in my artwork. and for any of you attending next months wonder con you will be able to see me and my bandmates shake it down, as we are planning a show for that weekend! details to come soon! so, ARTSENAL... think it's gonna be awesome... the aspen boys and i have come up with some great new twists on whats previously been done on blogs in the past ;) so... this is home... can't think of a better fence to hop than the one of wildstorm to aspen... everyone that works here is super fantastic... we have a great year of fathom awesomeness planned and i can only hope and pray that i do mike's baby some justice! so lets get posting guys... bring this blog stuff back to life!!! www.myspace.com/mareislandmusic

"apples and oranges? eff that i like grapes!"

Monday, January 7, 2008


Hey guys all new art battle!!! Micah Gunnell vs Ale Garza coming right at ya!!! Artsenal will be a one hour battle, where both artists are given a limited number of tools to choose from to create artistic genius! One pencil! One pen! One eraser! One marker! ONE HOUR!!!