Thursday, August 9, 2007

Switch it up!!!

So...what is Pomme Noir Comics? Well as alot of you may know, I along with some fellow comic book artists, about two years ago started up a blog by the name of gelattometti. It was an amazing success, both creatively, and as a sounding board to interact with the fans... It grew to be quite big and is still going strong to this day! So... with that now that I, Ale Garza, now a newly minted member of Aspen studios, decided it was high time to give it another shot! So...with Pomme Noir Comics, PNC for all you hip kids...I'll be inviting my new Aspen brethren to come on and share some of thier studio insights, and personalities. Will it be as big of a success as the Wildstorm venture? Only time will tell...Either way...Let's get back to enjoying comics!!!




Hephasto said...


Its good to see you in that mood Ale once again.

I'm totally on-board with your gig and your little "project" here.

(Btw you should update your personal blog once in a while mate)

Keep the iron hot Ale.


biblegirl said...

Who did the colors for this?


i'm here ale

took me a while :)