Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Iron and the Maiden #3 in stores now!

Did you pick it up? Tell us what you think!!!! Or as Mushmouth would say DJAFKINREEDID?


chris said...

ya. i got it and read it. here's what i think: in the words of Mushmouth, ""FUK". its great. comments: the two page spread of the chase scene, great detail to everyone and i especially like the bald guy readin' the paper and the one kid pointing to the sky. -- angel kicks ass, but i like how she's got a conscience and doesn't kill when she has the chance; the other characters introduced with little boxes, nice..angel had a moment of fightin' kinda matrix move there; i look forward to the ending and how big daddy says, "this ends tonight"; wonder how it all ends; oh by the way the newspaper i like the red ink on the page and its explanation, i actually read that newspaper at the end...sad to see the end...but hope it goes out with a lot of fightin' from iron and angel kicks some ass!!!

Anonymous said...

I bought it too. I'm hooked, can't wait for the next one.