Friday, November 9, 2007

Spidey and MJ

Hey peeps! Here's a new print I just finished up pencils for. The colors will be provided by the amazing Kelsey Shannon, and I'll be sure to post them up when they're finished. Hope you like!


Barak said...

Nice! That's hot!

To said...

that's pretty dope Micah!

Ron said...

..hey... love your work - totally awesome!!
(and I'm enjoying your artwork in the new Hardback Heroes Graphic Novel) -btw
several artists (Ryan Odagawa, Jason Badower, Travis and Jordan Kotzebue et al)
are donating a sketch for inclusion on items we are selling to benefit
Please check out our site and maybe you'll wanna help out? Thanks in advance,
Sheindie on 9th Wonders!

marco's blog said...

that's sweet, great spidey!!

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

....enjoy and love your Heroes GNs and - your interview with Ryan Gibson Stewart was interesting and enlightening... hey, wanna help out and donate a sketch with $ going to charity? ..check it out =)
Thanks, man!