Saturday, December 8, 2007

hey guys

whew, ale sure can disappear... just wanted to pop in and say hi, finished up fathom 0 recently... working with sal regla on it, all i can say is amazing! i really hope you guys enjoy it... really wanting to put my unique stamp on the character... not sure when it comes out, but i can't wait! would love to get some more stuff going on here... a little more situated in life so hopefully i'll be posting more regularly... maybe do an art off with one of the fellow aspen guys to kick start it... micah maybe? marcus? francis? mike? heh... lets do something fun guys! woot!!!!!


1 comment:

Barak said...

Any more preview images of Fathom you can post Ale?

And if you did a draw off I'd say you vs. Micah. I haven't seen him do one before.