Thursday, March 13, 2008

ROUND 2!!!

The first battle is over, a new one has risen! Round 2 will take place live this Saturday 2pm at the Aspen Comics booth in Los Angeles, CA at Wizard World Los Angeles 2008! The teams have grown larger now with the addition of the round two combatants...And, why wait any longer? Let's meet the newest ARTSENAL warriors!


TEAM ASPEN is reloading with longtime penciler, master of the female form, and straight up dope guy Michael Lopez! Joining us courtesy of the Wildstorm gang, Lopez is ready to drop down on the city of Angeles with his pencil and pad and set the record straight! Lopez is currently producing covers for GEN 13!


Hometown legend Steigerwald has been busy coloring the very best Aspen has to offer and now he's ready to drop his wacom pen and pick up the lead to go head to head! Plus he plans on distracting his opponents with "yo mama" jokes. Peter's work includes Soulfire, Fathom,DC's Identity Crisis, and Marvel's Civil War!


But hold on people, TEAM GRACE is still sitting fat on their impressive round one victory and plan to add to their total with the addition of mega-artist Joe Benitez. Known for his awesome work within the pages of Batman and his impressive series Wraithborn! LA is Joe's stomping ground and he's not letting the other two out of the convention center without paying their dues--It's on!

Okay people, you know the drill. Drop your topic suggestions in the comment section below for what you wanna see these awesomely-talented artists sketch in a 90 minute sketch battle! And remember, whomever suggests the winning topic will receive an 11x17" print of the winning team's entry!


Leprechaun_Smurf said...

I think should go for Shi, or maybe a Shi vs Psylocke

Anonymous said...

Hulk vs. Abomination (because of the Hulk movie coming out soon)


|| ..::cohma::.. || said...

Definately some girl action this time!

*cough* Lara *cough*

~ Deianira

ComicInks said...


Simon said...

My suggestions;
Tintin and his dog (Snowy)

Herobear (and the Kid)

Promethea and Wonder Woman

Jack the Ripper

Midnighter and Apollo

Alan Moore

Michael Stewart said...


Red Sonja

Sentinels(xmen) vs Spartans(300 movie)

X-23 vs Wolverine!!!

Onslaught vs Apocalypse!!!!

Thanos vs The Darkness

Shazaam vs Captain Marvel

Shazaam Vs Superman

Supergirl vs Witchblade

Michael Stewart said...

Darkseid vs Thanos

Iron(From Iron and the maiden) vs Deadpool!!!

Deadpool vs Tombraider(Lara Croft)

nameless said...

i say James Bond

Barak said...

I was thinking maybe a student/understudy kind of theme:

-Weapon X and X-23

-Nightcrawler and Nocturne

-Joker and Harley Quinn

-Batman and Batgirl


-Chase and the Leap frog (Runaways)

-"Wheres Waldo"

lorelei said...

I suggest Ghostrider!

Tatiana said...


Anonymous said...

i think that they should all draw each other making kissy faces

mini15c said...

Jean Grey and Emma Frost

Wolverine and Gambit

Stephanie said...


Barak said...

Thundercats, hooooooooooooo!

jakov_spiric said...


Ewout said...

i wanna see some european characters, like asterix & obelix

Hanne said...

The Maxx & Julie (from Sam Kieth)

Barak said...

-Dirk the Daring rescuing Princess Daphne from the evil dragon (Dragon's Lair, Old 80's cartoon and computer game)


-Zelda and Link

Roz@Aspen said...

Final Suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Stargate SG-1 Team!

Barak said...

-Catwoman and her cats

-Spiderman vs venom

-The Crow

-Mary Jane and Gwen Stacey fighting over Spiderman

-Indiana Jones

Michael Stewart said...

Iron and the maiden!!!

Simon said...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Tatiana said...

Wonder Woman :oP