Thursday, April 10, 2008



Round 2 took the young ARTSENAL competition to new levels as even more voters arrived to help crown one team the ultimate collection of sketch artists in 2008! In addition to the increase in the voting pool, there was also a bit of controversy in round 2 as we had to disqualify a number of votes for both TEAM ASPEN and TEAM KIANI due to foul play. Needless to say I've re-counted the total votes minus these disqualified votes. Don't waste your time commenting on the vote count as its not open for discussion. One additional note, let's keep the voting process clean of any prejudice or racism people in your posts. Any votes with these type of remarks from here on out will be subject to disqualification also!

So after all was said and done, Peter and TEAM KIANI rebounded nicely from their week 1 loss with a total vote count of 40, bringing their total sum on the year to an ARTSENAL-leading 61 votes. TEAM ASPEN went head-to-head with TEAM KIANI with Lopez' playful piece garnering 34 votes bringing their sum to 52. Benitez and TEAM GRACE's awesome entry stunningly garnered only 9 votes and thus TEAM GRACE has now slid into 3rd place with their total of 42 points on the year. But, I for one am not worried, because in THE ARTSENAL 2008--it's now anybody's crown for the taking!

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Simon said...

Congratulations Peter & Team Kiani. Great piece.