Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The largest comic book artist sketch-battle competition in history continues as the ARTSENAL 2008 moves into round 3 at Wizard World Chicago 2008 with the teams neck and neck in points! TEAM KIANI currently leads the pack with 61 total votes while team Aspen isn't too far behind with 52. Team Grace started round one strong with a W but has since slipped into third with 42 points. But no team is safe in the ultimate battle of lead and paper, so without any more delay here are your round 3 gladiators:

Talent Caldwell's made his name in comics on the hit titles Fathom, Gen13, and Wildcats--now he's looking to brand his name on the ARTSENAL 2008 Round 3 trophy! Tal's been steady training with a diet of vodka and HGH to strengthen his mind and wrists in order to drop his sweet science on his unlucky competitors!

Dave Finch is a superstar in the biz working on titles like Fallen Son and the New Avengers-and he's one hell of a nice guy also! But now he's cashing in his nice-guy smile for a can of ass whoopin' deluxe that he'll serve chilled to his Artsenal Round 3 foes!

Team Grace needed a pick-me-up after falling into third place in the voting, but now they've reloaded with the greatest sketch-battle competitor in history! The sketch battle legend himself--Francis Manapul! When asked about his legendary battle reputation on the streets, Francis humbly replied: "Aint no myth--it be fact, I'm the Great One."

*This quote or his obscene Latin mustache cannot be verified for authenticity

You know the deal folks! Cast your TOPIC SUGGESTION in the comments section below to help determine what these three awesome combatants will be drawing. If your suggestion ends up as the WINNING TOPIC, you'll win an exclusive 11 x 17 inch print of the winning team's round three entry. It's free to cast your vote, so DO IT NOW!!!


BLUE said...

The Joker and Harley Quinn
V (for Vendetta)
Catfight - Catwoman vs/and Black Cat
Cloak & Dagger
Uncle Ben & Aunt May (I'm serious).

Tatiana said...

well since you got Dave in there, how about some Aphrodite IX?

d'ho said...

hellboy vs hulk

ComicInks said...

Wiccan and Hulkling
Wiccan and Speed
Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch
Arrowette and Impulse

and so end my random suggestions of awesome!

Barak said...

Lobo (DC)

Lois Lane and Superman

The Flash

Iceman VS Pyro

Spiderman and J. Jonah Jameson


She Hulk VS Hulk

Two Face VS Batman

AGK! said...

Hellboy vs, Hulk sounds GREAT!!!

A Fathom character (such as Aspen or maybe Killian) vs. or with Namor would be interesting and unique

I always like:

Batman vs. Captain America
Batman vs. Wolverine

I know those last two are a bit generic, but I still love them, and would like to see what the artists do with the characters in competition.

AGK! said...
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AGK! said...
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AGK! said...
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Anonymous said...

X-men Vs Gen-13

Wolverine Vs Ripclaw

Wolverine Vs X23

ted said...

how about...
zatanna teaching bullwinkle how to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

the hulk in slave leia outfit.

scarlett from G.I.joe.

aspen vs. kiani as battling dj's.


white queen

howard the duck vs. george w. bush

Ewout said...

spiderwoman (jessica drew) & nick fury

Michael Stewart said...

Hulk vs Thor

Iron man(hulkbuster armor) vs Hulk

Iron Man vs Batman

Captain America vs Batman

She-Hulk vs Iron Man

The Avengers

Weapon X vs Batman

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs Batman

Lord of the Rings

David Rockefeller vs Batman

recently002 said...

Flash (Barry) vs. Darkseid

Aquaman vs. The Black

Nick Fury vs. Captain Planet (imagine how much pollution must come from a SHIELD Helicarrier...)

Kitty Pryde (Ultimate or Astonishing) vs. Aspen Matthews (could either of them actually touch each other when using their gifts?)

recently002 said...

one more...

Aspen vs. Aquagirl (Lorena Marquez) - hell, they're both from San Diego!

Chris said...

Trailer Trash X-Men!!!

lorelei said...

If it's done now, it has to be Aspen Matthews. It just has to be.

recently002 said...

some combination of Aspen then Supergirl, Grace ot Witchblade...
Only seems right, in a way...

lorelei said...

Aspen, witchblade, lara croft crossover