Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Zealand Armageddon Expo Interview

Chris McMorran was nice enough to interview me at the New Zealand Armageddon Expo, so I thought it would be nice to share!

..and by "overnight stays" I mean I was working evenings as a waitress, days in production, and at night trying to color. Just felt compelled to clarify :P


To said...

That's pretty sweet Beth, you're a natural on camera.

conceptgoulash said...

Thanks for sharing the video = )

It's great to see other women in the comicbook field.

Beth Sotelo said...

I'm no natural, but thanks Marcus!!

Hi conceptgoulash. I'm happy to have something like this to share. It's not often that I get asked to do interviews.

Chris said...

Well it helps having someone good to interview, thanks for giving me the shot Beth.

Micah said...

You did great Beth! I thought you were supposed to be shy, what happened? :)