Friday, September 28, 2007

IRON and the Maiden #3 is in stores 10.03.07

Here are some conceptual designs for a water dispenser that I didn't put in the extra content to the back of Iron and the Maiden issue #3. In case you didn't know - Iron and the Maiden is from the crazy mind of Jason Rubin. He has put so much thought into each and every detail of this book - its insane. I geek out over stuff like this and Iron is jam packed with them. The artwork was done by the cool guys over at Blur Studios, who are also insane... but in a good way.

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mini15c said...

That is an insane drawin' of the water. The inner workings...Iron and the Maiden what I enjoy as a reader is to really look at the artwork and admire the detail to the action...less writing...more action...really good.