Sunday, September 2, 2007

welcome to all yo babies mommas!!!

ale here! hey guys sorry i dissappeared, was in the process of moving and starting a new day job! that's right us silly comic book guys sometimes have day jobs, even ones as fantastically handsome as myself :P but i just wanted to welcome all the aspen guys! beautiful stuff posted!!! watch out gelatometti we're coming for ya! also a little titans 51 action < heh, hope ya likes! and an update as ill be having my first throwdown later this week! maybe even tomorrow! its brother vs brother! carlos d'anda and myself duking it out to the death...well maybe not the death, but perhaps a cup of coffee will be on the line :P love to all, peace to some...see ya soon!!!

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biblegirl said...

Did scanning this cause it to be more angular? The post on comic bloc wasn't quite so much so... but pretty! What's with the GIANT arrow?