Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This is it folks! SATURDAY! SATURDAY!! SATURDAY!!! The Artsenal 2008 kicks off in full-force this Saturday LIVE in San Francisco at WonderCon 2008! The Aspen Comics Booth #615 is the site of what is sure to go down as the start of an all-time classic battle. Join Michael Turner, Ale Garza, Micah Gunnell, Marcus To, Peter Steigerwald, Mark Brooks, Francis Manapul, Joel Gomez, Cross, Ryan Odagawa, Jon Boy Meyers, Humberto Ramos and more as they battle it out in the ultimate sketch battle competition--The Artsenal 2008 brought to you by Aspen Comics and the CBLDF!

The rules are simple: You the fans will have a 2 day topic suggestion period followed by the topic selection by Aspen Comics, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and the three teams respectively. The three teams (ASPEN, GRACE, KIANI) will then duke it out in a 90 minute sketch-off with the fans deciding the winner online and in person at the booth. All votes will be accumulated and added to each respective teams' totals. The team with the most accumulated votes at the end of the Artsenal 2008 will be crowned the champions at the San Diego Comic Con International 2008 later this year.

Don't miss your chance to vote on the topic--AND--the poster whose topic is chosen will win an 11x17 print of the winning teams sketch!!!

Now without further ado, let's meet round one's teams/competitors!

Ale Garza - artist, musician, philantropist. Ale Garza does it all. No stranger to sketch battles, Ale is an underground comic legend and one of the most feared sketch competitors ever! Garza has been training hard in the Bay Area and is looking to claim the first round of the Artsenal for his team and his city! Accusations that he's been using performance enhancers to draw quicker have been proven false and now Ale's ready to lay down the law! Ale's work can be seen in the upcoming Fathom series, his own series Ninja Boy, and Supergirl for DC.

Micah Gunnell - But wait! Ale's not the only hometown hero in the Artsenal's first round as Micah also hails from the Bay Area. When asked if Garza and himself would be able to share the city, Gunnell replied with a "no-answer," which of course means "hell no this city ain't big enough for the two of us!" Micah has worked on such Aspen titles as Shrugged and Soulfire, and also as illustrated the mega-popular Heroes graphic novels.

Mark Brooks - Superstar artist and all-around good guy, Brooks is a special guest entrant in the Artsenal is looking to squash TEAM ASPEN and TEAM GRACE's hopes right off the bat. Just look at the pic above to see the fire in Mark's eyes as he eyes his two competitors and sharpens his lead. Mark has worked on the industry's top titles including the X-Men and Spiderman. Now he's looking to add two more notches to his belt in the form of Ale and Micah!

Okay people, now's the time to decide what these talented artists will be sketching for 90 minutes! Please post your topic suggestions in the comments section below! And don't forget, whoever chooses the winning topic will receive an 11x17 high-quality print of the winning team's entry!!!


Chris said...

I think a Nightcrawler vs Kid Devil would be interesting to see, especially by these 3 guys.

mini15cd said...

I think one ninja boy character vs one heroes character vs one x-men character..all three of their specialties, put the characters into battle. and can include only one super power or weapon of choice.

Michael Stewart said...

Wolverine vs Lobo!

To said...

I say archangel vs apocolypse, either that or the ninja turltes vs the Ghostbusters, your choice. Then again I don't know if my suggestion counts.

Mike Stewart said...

Harry Potter vs Aliens

Anonymous said...

Rambo vs indiana jones

Barak said...

-Deadpool vs Cole Blaquesmith (from Steampunk)

-Molly Hayes(from Runaways) vs Colossus

-Archangel vs Hawkman

-V (V for Vendetta) vs The Crow

-Spawn vs Death (DC Comics)

-Punisher vs Michael Iron

-Swamp Thing vs The Ninja Turtles

-Predator vs Cable (Marvel)

Matthias said...

Here's what I'd love :
- An annoyed Mary Jane Watson with the Human Torch hitting on her ! (what, she's free now...)

But I guess people prefer to see some fighting.

Jason Truong said...

Jackpot vs. Mary Jane with Spider-Man somewhere in-between

alxjhnsn said...

I think they should be challenged with something out of their comfort zone - humor or western.

Detective Chimp and Plastic Man on the case

Sugar & Spike, Fox & Crow, Jerry Lewis, Bob Hope cross over

Babies and Kitties - See Kyle Baker for ideas

Bat Lash and Jonah Hex teaming up

Stretch them

macathro said...

I think a Hulk vs. Colossus & Wolverine (Fastball special) would be a good one!

Simon said...

I still stand by my suggestion from October last year; European comic character John Blacksad would be interesting.

tatiana said...

I'd love to see alternate Aspen Comics realities, that would be fun.

Michael Stewart said...

Hellboy vs Wolverine


Hulk vs Thor


Jubei(from ninja scroll) vs Dante(devil may cry video game)


Dante vs Deadpool

ooo wait

Dante vs Psylocke

sexy lol

tedcon said...

My suggestion is aspen mathews vs. Kiani vs. angel (iron and the maiden) as cowgirls in a underwater old west.

Eli Moody said...

Alright! I'm getting excited about this. I'm trying to think about combinations of hot women and studly dudes that I'd like to see these artists draw. How about -

The Death Dealer and Red Sonja


Hannah Dundee (Xenozoic Tales) and Indiana jones


Princess Leia and The Metabaron

Eli Moody said...

I just thought I'd throw out a few more couplings that have come to mind over the course of the day...

Koj (warrior tiger from Tellos) and Tigra (former Avenger)

Scarlet Witch and Dream of the Endless(Morpheus)

Hip Flask and Brandy (Liberty Meadows)

Grifter and Voodoo (from Wildcats)

Eli Moody said...

Just thought of another one...

Usagi Yojimbo (samurai rabbit from Dark Horse) and Jessica Rabbit (from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)

J. J. said...

Darth Maul vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi

'nuff said!

--J. J.

Xander said...
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Xander said...

I'd love to see Mark Brooks try something on Buffy (the vampire slayer) armed with her scythe (slayer Weapon appearing at the end of season VII) allied with Grace kicking some big bad vampire butt.

Roz@Aspen said...

Any final Suggestions?

Simon said...

Vince vs. Peter - going eye to eye.

nameless said...

the joker v lex luthor

Barak said...

-"Lost in the woods" (No idea what that means.)

-"What the Teen Titans do on their day off"

-Psylocke meets Elektra

stephanie said...

an aspen slumber party.

kiani stuck in detention

a fathom pool party

aspen with mathilda