Friday, February 15, 2008

Hide your Children this Con Season

Aspen will be at WonderCon '08!!!

But hide your 5 year olds...

I got 30

(Vince and Frank scored lower)


Simon said...


d'ho said...

so sad i got 23 :0(

fjm said...

19... I think I have to bend my moral compass some
I'm surprised you only got 23 don..heh

mike choi said...


I accessed the hidden "How many babies would you eat if your plane crashed into a day care center in the Andes?" section.

Barak said...


Damn, I'm not a push over like Don, what happened!?!

jk Don, you my ho. :)

David Wohl said...

13 lol.

I think everyone else cheated.

Or Frank's right. I'm a wuss.

Or both.