Friday, January 11, 2008

Comics and Rock and Roll!

hey guys just wanted to post and comment on how much i loves me some music. so much in fact i am now a part of a straight up rockin and or rollin band!!! gotta say its been a lifelong ambition to get involved with something like this as music has always inspired me in my artwork. and for any of you attending next months wonder con you will be able to see me and my bandmates shake it down, as we are planning a show for that weekend! details to come soon! so, ARTSENAL... think it's gonna be awesome... the aspen boys and i have come up with some great new twists on whats previously been done on blogs in the past ;) so... this is home... can't think of a better fence to hop than the one of wildstorm to aspen... everyone that works here is super fantastic... we have a great year of fathom awesomeness planned and i can only hope and pray that i do mike's baby some justice! so lets get posting guys... bring this blog stuff back to life!!!

"apples and oranges? eff that i like grapes!"

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