Sunday, January 13, 2008

and now.. fathom

thinking back i've been quite lucky to have had the chance to get my own stories out there for you fans to enjoy... first, ninja boy, which to me is still the one series i hold nearest and dearest to my heart. it was a chance to work with a life long friend, on a project i had dreamt of doing for many years. i grew up loving ninjas and all the mythology that came along with them. next up i would get the chance yet again to work on a series of my own, in the form of skye runner. fantasy at its finest, granted i had some serious life changes mid way through the series that affected its final outcome, i still am quite proud of that outing as well. so... now i'm onto another creation... this one however is a creation of one of comic doms legendary talents... michael turners, fathom! for what its worth, i'm hoping to take what i put into my own series, and channel it onto this exciting, lush, and dramatic world! i sit here tonight designing hopefully what will become some memorable and imposing, bad ass villians! it's a new challenge... one i am taking very seriously... ale garza has maybe fallen off the map as of late... maybe... with this series i hope to re establish myself as a comic artist force! i've been quiet for a minute, but its time now to draw this little narrow ass off! we got some great stuff planned for this blog... expect some cool stuff very soon, and hopefully vince will let me keep you guys excited about the process of putting together one of the most exciting series of 2008, fathom volume 3!!!

"get sum!"


Simon said...

I remember Ninja Boy. I've got the issues still. Should read through it again; I recall a beer-drinking, foul-mouthed hair-ball with an attitude.
Looking forward to seeing your work on Fathom, Ale. And, yes - I too hope Vince will let you keep us excited.

mini15cd said...

good luck with the villain creation. i'm sure you have many ways to develop it and it'll be good once you get it laid out...also fathom volume...fresh start...please post some teasers when you can

Micah said...

Ninja Boy was one of my favorite comics when it was first coming out...I really liked the characters and the art was awesome of course. I'm looking forward to seeing your take on Fathom!