Tuesday, January 22, 2008

kickin it old school

i remember gettin really lucky back in the day... my first big gig came at the hands of my great long time friend jj kirby giving me word of a little series these little guys liquid were trying to do... eve protomecha... needless to say the opportunity was a huge blessing! liquid at the time was the biggest kid on the block, coloring all the coolest books at the time, aka x-men, battlechasers, etc, etc... eve along with soul saga both turned out quite great thaks to ol aron and christian... one of the great things aside from that was just gettin a bit of christians knowledge on how to make things look dynamic... great creative mind... so just thought i'd ramble... gotta get back to work now... you all behave...


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To said...

I remember this Ale, I bought this when I was like 16, crazy. Loved it.