Monday, January 7, 2008


Hey guys all new art battle!!! Micah Gunnell vs Ale Garza coming right at ya!!! Artsenal will be a one hour battle, where both artists are given a limited number of tools to choose from to create artistic genius! One pencil! One pen! One eraser! One marker! ONE HOUR!!!


Simon said...

... NO paper!

What's the topic? Yet to be decided, or can we suggest?
(A few suggestions have been dropped in a previous entry.)

Barak said...

I was wondering when this was going to happen! Looking forward to it, that's for sure. Any chance the pieces will be auctioned off afterwards?

Or do you want to jut give them to me? haha.

mini15cd said...

nice! its going down...and hey like "Barak" said, why not auction off the items for charity or something after its all been exclusive buy from the Aspen Store.